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Barb Savoy  recommends Winchester Labradors.

December 29, 2019 · 

I just brought my yellow female home today from Winchester Labs and they are by far the best two people in the world. Honesty is 100% visible. I have bought two yellow labs in the past and I’ve never been sent home with so much information, toys, food, etc. Efrain and Jessica are wonderful with the buyers and take such excellent care of their fur babies. I wouldn’t hesitate to come back for another lab in the future. Love love love my new girl, Jackie.

Kimberly McCray Gabel  recommends Winchester Labradors.

May 23, 2019 · 

Gained 10 lbs! Vet says he is happy and healthy and that we certainly "got a good one". **We didn't need him to tell us that, we knew already😁😁**
Our trainer has also said that with his disposition, we could train him to be a "reader" (one of the dogs that visits libraries to read with kids). That would be totally up our alley. He is smart and beautiful and we couldn't love him more.
Pretty much potty trained. Knows come and sit and down. He's a wonder. Thank you so very much for all the work you did to get him to where he was when we got him. You folks are truly the best!!! I am so glad that I did my research for finding our family the perfect pet. Winchester Labs is one in a million!!

Liz Lanager  recommends Winchester Labradors.

January 21 · 

We had such a great experience working with Winchester Labradors! ❤️
They were quick to answer all of our questions and really raise some amazing dogs.
We just brought Cooper home last week and he has been such a joy already, so smart and super playful. 🐾

Leah Wilson  recommends Winchester Labradors.

February 25 at 2:56 PM · 

I recommend Winchester Labradors to the highest level! Jessica and Efrain are doing an amazing job at breeding amazing puppies. We only got our Jensen 3 days ago and he is already proving how amazing he is. He is crazy smart, super gentle, and so sweet. I honestly don’t think we could have gotten a better puppy anywhere else. I definitely plan on getting another one of their puppies in the future.
The Wilson family is truly grateful for an amazing addition to our family.

Beth Ann Snedden  recommends Winchester Labradors.

January 27 · 

Jessica & Efrain are breeding some of the best Laborers.
Our Dunkin is the best puppy I've ever had or seen. He's calm, eager to please & learns very quickly. Did I mention he loves to cuddle?
Jessica & Efrain were so friendly, welcoming us into their home, being patient as we loved on all their dogs trying to decide which one we wanted.
I'm already talking about getting another one from them.
If you're thinking about a Lab, no need to look further!

Kelley Taggart  recommends Winchester Labradors.

February 29 at 6:13 PM · 

I highly recommend Winchester Labradors! Very knowledgeable, and actually take the time to match you with the perfect puppy. Very accommodating and keep you up to date throughout the whole puppy process, you may start as just acquaintances but feel like part of the Winchester family before you pick your new baby up! Hands down the very best I’ve ever dealt with. I can not recommend them enough. My next lab will definitely be a Winchester Lab

George Gasbarre  recommends Winchester Labradors.

March 3 at 9:38 AM · 

Within a week of getting Eddie, I wanted to recommend Winchester Labs! I have waited a full year now before I posted and want everyone who is looking for a beautiful, loving, smart, healthy, well-mannered gift from God to look no further.
If you are looking for a family Lab you have found the right place. My little buddy Eddie (aspen/haze) is such a joy! Eddie LOVES everyone, every child and every dog he meets. And... so eager to please me and make new friends. He is without a doubt a beautiful blend of his parents and the result of the family environment that Winchester provides.
Jessica and Efrain were soooo helpful. They helped me pick the dog (best friend) that was right for me and even helped me choose his name! Afterward, they were very responsive to my "new puppy parent" questions and concerns and were extremely helpful and made the whole experience less stressful!
I could add to this post but I would only be repeating all the other recommendations and confirming what Winchester says about themselves on their website. Life is better with a Winchester Lab!

Daniel Mackey reviewed Winchester Labradors — 5 star

October 14 at 6:15pm · 

Some friends of mine referred me to Winchester Labs after the sudden passing of my best friend Maverick. I spoke with Jessica about going to see the pups, and we met the following evening. It didn't take long to realize that these pups were top quality, and had love and affection from the time they took their first breath. Jessica and Efrain always made accommodations for myself and my daughters to come visit and kept us up to date on all the events that took place while the pups were growing. The pictures that they take truly demonstrate the patience and love that they put into breeding these beautiful gifts from God. If you are in the market for a breeder of top quality Labradors, Winchester is the only place you need to go.

Mark Hahn reviewed Winchester Labradors — 5 star

October 14 at 8:48pm · 

Great people, great communication throughout the process,great puppies,just a complete pleasure.. So happy with our puppy. Thank you so much

Winchester Labradors

Danielle Mackey reviewed Winchester Labradors — 5 star

October 14 at 4:19pm · 

The friendliest, most professional, and trustworthy breeders I’ve ever met! They love their dogs and the puppies unconditionally and care so deeply about each and every one of them! They will always be my first recommendation if you are looking to add more cuteness and fun to your family!!

Linda Austin Huntoon reviewed Winchester Labradors — 5 star

February 8 · 

What happy, healthy pups you raise. We are over the moon in love with Gus. But our Gizmo is even more in love with him. They are inseparable which means I don't get to snuggle and smell that "puppy breath" as much as I would like, but I'll just have to deal with that. He is a smart little boy. Knew his new name within 2 days, sits when given a treat, comes when called (so far), and retrieves beautifully. He even has drop it under his belt, but forgets sometimes. All this at 10 weeks!! WOW. He does have a habit of which I am partial to, if I am standing somewhere and he decides it is time, he runs up to me , drops, and rolls on his back for a belly rub. Of course he gets one! None of this would be possible if they did not have you to start them out right. Thank you so much for this bundle of love.

Julie Bartlett reviewed Winchester Labradors — 5 star

October 2, 2016 · 

Many accolades to Winchester Labradors! Jessica has provided the best puppies. She is fantastic giving these puppies so much love and care. Jett has adjusted so well in the little time he's been home, and it is because of her attention. If you want a Labrador Retriever who will be a wonderful addition to your family, look no further. Winchester Labradors is the breeder you want!

me. It's easy.

Gary Backus reviewed Winchester Labradors — 5 star

January 30 at 9:07pm · 

Great experience with Jessica and would recommend her highly. She gave Tammy and I updates every week when we got 2 females from her. We live in Colorado and would do it all over again. Mollie & Angel have been a great addition to our family. Thank you Jessica

Danielle Tom Van Scoter reviewed Winchester Labradors — 5 star

October 11, 2016 · 

I have to say, my Zeke is one of the smartest puppies I've ever raised. He settled in right away. Which tells me he was separated from his mother the right way , he's lovable , which tells me he was loved ,, he's playful , just a well rounded puppy. Thank u so much. ❤️

Joelle Young reviewed Winchester Labradors — 5 star

October 19, 2016 · 

We got our Willow from Bristol & Wesson's litter. Our baby has such beautiful features all around! Everywhere we go people compliment us on how gorgeous she is! I can't get over how smart Willow is, she picks up commands really quickly! You can tell Jessica really works with these puppies, which in the end helps them adapt to their new homes so easily! She even sent Willow home with a care package containing a little fleece blanket holding both mom and dads scent!! I would highly recommend Winchester Labradors to anyone looking for a newest addition to their family, and we will definitely be back!! ❤️

Kimberly Ann Nomland reviewed Winchester Labradors — 5 star

October 2, 2016 · 

Jessica does an amazing job with her puppies. Our family has two labs from her most recent litter, we are so happy with them. They are healthy and you can tell they were raised with love. I definitely recommend her. We will be back!

Jodi Bright reviewed Winchester Labradors — 5 star

August 12, 2016 · 

I got my sweet little charliegh from here...very beautiful little girl... thanks so much jessica for this wonderful little girl

Andy Honan reviewed Winchester Labradors — 5 star

October 2, 2016 · 

Amazing breeder got our puppy 7 hours ago and have already recommend to friends and family it was a 2.5 hour drive and they made it well worth top notch can't wait to see more litters

Julie Marie reviewed Winchester Labradors — 5 star

August 12, 2016 · 

I got my little Bentley boy from this caring family. They even sent him home with a gift bag with the parents smell. He is very smart,loving, and such a good boy. I would and have recommended her puppies to everyone!

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