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Winchesters Painted Sadie

DOB:         10-18-2019

Genotype: eeBBDD

Color:       Yellow

Weight:    75 lbs

CNM - clear

DM - clear

EIC - carrier

HNPK- clear

PRA/PRCD- clear

Cystinuria - clear

Skeletal Dysplasia -clear

Sadie was so slow to develop we weren't sure she was ever going to grow up.  She did not disappoint us.  Sadie has matured into a stocky thick English girl.  Sadie has shorter legs, a square head,  thick red fur and a beautiful full English tail.  She is one of our quieter girls.  She gets along well with everyone.  Sadie is happy to go outside and play.  She is just as happy to lay at your feet and chew on a bone.  She is a wonderful addition to our family and our breeding program.

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