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Winchesters River Down The Mountain

DOB:         6-20-2018

Genotype: eeBbDD

Color:       Yellow

Weight:    70 lbs

CNM - clear

DM - clear

EIC - clear

HNPK- clear

PRA/PRCD- clear

RD -clear

Skeletal Dysplasia - clear

River is the son of Windancing's Fire On The Moutain and Smallpaws Abba Abba Do.  He is a very thick stocky boy.  River is a happy easygoing male.  He loves to play, wants attention and enjoys running around with the other dogs.  River is a great retriever. He always wants to be carrying  something in his mouth  wether it is stolen laundry from the basket or an inside toy he is sneaking outside. River's happy go lucky personality combined with his sweet baby face make him our forever puppy. 

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