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Occasionally we may find it necessary to place adult labs into different homes.  This is never a decision that we make lightly.  We have lived with and have loved each dog.  They become family.  It is with their needs in mind that we make this choice.  

Jesse James


DOB:         2-20-2019

Genotype: eeBBDD

Color:       Fox Red

Weight:    50 lbs

CNM - clear

DM - clear

EIC - clear

HNPK- clear

PRA/PRCD- clear

RD -clear

Skeletal Dysplasia -clear

Outlaw Jesse James is a beautiful fox red male.  He is intelligent and thoughtful with a strong pedigree.  JJ takes his studies very seriously and earned his AKC Puppy Star before he was six months of age.  JJ is very athletic.  He loves to run, jump and play.  JJ is a high energy high drive boy outside with an instant off switch in the house allowing him to relax with the other dogs or lay in the family room for social time. 


DOB: 3-26-2017

Genotype: EeBbDd

Color: Black

Weight: 74 lbs

CNM - Clear

DM - Clear

EIC - Clear

HNPK - Clear

PRA/PRCD - Clear

RD - Clear

Skeletal Dysplasia - Clear

K-Splash - Clear

Haze was born and raised here at Winchester Labradors. We have had great pleasure watching him grow.  He is a playful boy who is always happy and fun to be around.  Haze is smart, loves spending time with the other dogs and enjoys the woods. He especially likes children.  Haze is a true pleasure. Haze is great in the house and considers the cats family.  It has been a very difficult decision to allow Haze to leave us.