Available Adults
Occasionally we may find it necessary to place adult labs into different homes.  This is never a decision that we make lightly.  We have lived with and have loved each dog.  They become family.  It is with their needs in mind that we make this choice.  

Benji was born here with us.  He is a Dawn and Wyatt puppy who was born on  July 19th 2021.  He is from the "Olympic " litter.  Benji was returned to us in mid April as a 9 month old.  His purchasing family experienced a life changing medical situation after Benji went home with them.  Because of this Benji spent too many hours crated and did not receive the basic training that he needed to be a member of the family.  We have given Benji time to decompress and adjust.  He is ready to start looking for a permanent family of his own.  Benji loves people and every other dog that he meets.  He is smart but it is still difficult to get him to focus.  He goes into his crate well but does bark when the door is closed.  The barking stops when we turn the lights off and close the door.  Benji's ideal family with have someone home for most of the day.  There will be a small rehoming fee.  There will be a neutering contract, he has not yet been neutered due to his young age.  There will also be a training agreement signed.  Benji has so much potential.  He will blossom in the correct home.