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Winchesters Just A Minute


Genotype: EeBbDD

Color:       Black

Weight:    75 lbs

CNM - clear

DM - clear

EIC - clear

HNPK- clear

PRA/PRCD- clear

RD -clear

Skeletal Dysplasia -clear

Clear Through Parentage of All

Jam is one of our own.  Born to Wesson and Ivy we knew she was special.  As we watched her grow and develop the decision was made to keep Jam here with us.  Jam is maturing into a beautiful girl.  She earned her AKC Puppy Star and has her AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC).  Jam has an amazing personality.  She is happy and playful with the other dogs.  With us, Jam is smart and determined.  She loves to learn, think and show off her skills.  We look forward to helping Jam develop and mature.

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