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The Puppies Have Arrived

Winchester Labradors reserves the right to first pick male and/or first pick female at any time from any litter. We will try to give as much notice as possible if we plan on exercising this right. 

We do accept deposits of $250 on unborn puppies based on gender and color.   If a particular breeding does not produce the desired gender and color the deposit can be refunded or moved to a different litter.  No other refunds will be given.  Please contact us before placing a deposit.

Your puppy will be born and raised in our home as a member of our family.  The will be examined by a licensed veterinarian, receive first vaccinations and be de-wormed at 2,4,6 and 8 weeks of age.  We will microchip your puppy with an AKC Reunite microchip.  We will also register the microchip for the  purchasing family.  You will be sent home with a folder full of information to start you in the right direction, a 5lb bag of food and a gift bag for you and your new puppy.  

Puppy picks will be done by 6 weeks of age either in person or by pictures. If you are not able to make your scheduled appointment you will have 1 hour to pick by pictures and phone conversation. If your pick is not made in the allotted time you will forfeit to the next person.

We accept personal checks for deposits only until the puppies are 6 weeks of age. ONLY CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR PICK-UP.

Payments can also be made through PayPal (you must add 4% and allow 3 business days prior to picking up your puppy.)

For the safety and health of our puppies we do not allow visitors to bring their pets to our home. 


Winchesters Dueling at Sunrise


Winchesters River Down the Mountain


Crate: Obi, Pollen

Wagon: Brook, Charleigh, Lemon, Lily

Front: Cooper James

Spring has sprung, the bees are buzzing and it is time for us to bloom. Can you believe how fast 8 weeks has gone by. We have grown and learned. We are ready to spread sunshine with our forever families. Please remember, no matter what the weather forecast is you should always live like it is spring.

All pups come with AKC limited registration (No breeding rights), microchipped, and a genetic health guarantee..  This full English litter will  produce beautiful Yellow puppies.  Dawn was born here as a part of our super hero's litter.  Dawn has since proven to be a super addition to our family. She is a happy and friendly girl. She loves all of the other dogs, the puppies and anyone who visits. Truthfully Dawn feels if you are here than it must be to see her.  I don't feel I can say enough positive things about River. He is a gentle relaxed Stud. He is great with other dogs including other studs.  He lives for play. He always wants to be carrying something in his mouth and makes us laugh with his collection of "treasures" that we find. River has never sired a puppy that I didn't fall in love with and want to keep for myself. 

Price: $1500     Deposit: $250 


1st Pick- Reserved

2nd Pick- Reserved

3rd Pick- Reserved


1st Pick- Reserved

2nd Pick- Reserved

3rd Pick- Reserved

4th Pick Reserved

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