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Winchesters Black Powder Haze



Available Adult

DOB: 3-26-2017

Genotype: EeBbDd

Color: Black

Weight: 74 lbs

CNM - Clear

DM - Clear

EIC - Clear

HNPK - Clear

PRA/PRCD - Clear

RD - Clear

Skeletal Dysplasia - Clear

K-Splash - Clear

Haze was born and raised here at Winchester Labradors.  He was the first puppy born to Winchesters Double Barrel Colt and Blackberry Brandy So Fine So Rare. Haze is clear on all genetic diseases through PawPrint. He is solid black but carries both yellow and chocolate. We have had great pleasure watching him grow,  Haze developed  into the perfect combination of both parents. He is a playful boy who is always happy and fun to be around.  Haze is smart, loves spending time with the other dogs and enjoys the woods. He especially likes children.  Haze is now passing these traits on to the next generation of

Winchester Labradors. 

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