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Winchesters Wyatt Earp

DOB:         8-14-2019

Genotype: eeBbDD

Color:       Yellow

Weight:    74 lbs

CNM - clear

DM - clear

EIC - clear

HNPK- clear

PRA/PRCD- carrier

RD -clear

Skeletal Dysplasia -clear

"Wyatt's Pedigree"

Wyatt Earp is everything we could want in a stud.  He is gentle, kind and loving.  His calm temperament and willingness to please has earned him a special place in our hearts and our home. Wyatt also has amazing looks.  He is a full English male with a beautiful head, thick tail and wonderful confirmation. We love  his deep yellow color and feel it will complement our girls. We are excited to add Wyatt to our breeding family.  We know he will pass on his pleasing characteristics to the puppies he sires.

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