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Winchesters Whispering Aspen


DOB: 11-28-2015

Genotype: eebbDD

Color: yellow

Weight: 68 lbs

CNM - Clear

DM - Clear

EIC - Carrier

HNPK - Carrier

PRA/PRCD - Clear

RD - Clear

Skeletal Dysplasia - Clear

Cystinuria - Clear

K-Splash - Clear

Aspen is our tallest girl. She is a beautiful light yellow color, has a liver nose and carries chocolate. Aspen is truly the flower child of Winchester Labradors. She has a gentle loving spirit and a playful happy demeanor. Apsen is extremely athletic. She loves jumping, turning and agility type obsticles. She plays well with the other dogs and the cats.  She will climb onto your lap when she wants a little extra attention for herself.

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